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”We are accustomed to researching subtle changes in sound differences and implementing the results to constantly improve our equipment. The quality of VOVOX audio cables is apparent immediately and not just experienced in bordering areas of sound perception.
Tonal structures have a distinctly higher resolution.
The impulse behaviour is clearly faster without any change to the linearity of the frequency spectrum.
The consequence of our listening tests was unfortunately costly but unavoidably decisive:
Now in all three studios (Recording-Mastering-Disc Cutting) every metre of audio cable is VOVOX !”
Guenter Pauler
Pauler Acoustic / Stockfisch Records

"A studio colleague told me about VOVOX cables and presented me with test samples the following day. We then did an A/B test with our Station Voice. The set-up was very simple: A professional speaker read a text two times at equal distance from the microphone. The cable leading from the microphone to the break out box was the only thing changed. The effect was very impressive. Using the VOVOX cable, the voice had more depth and punch in the mix, and in general, the sound became more transparent. I sent the two recordings (standard cable / VOVOX cable) to my sound engineering colleagues as a blindfold test, in order to get their comments. Their feedback was very clear: The recording with VOVOX was preferred by 100% of the colleagues asked, and their descriptions of the sound quality were identical to my own experience. We decided to wire the 5.1 monitoring of our new radio drama control rooms and the corresponding studios with VOVOX cables without further delay."
Franz Baumann
Swiss National Radio DRS

"For this review I concerned myself with one question: can three "blindfolded"listeners tell the difference between Mogami XLR cables and VOVOX? Wow- yes. [...]"
Joseph Lemmer
TapeOp Magazine
» Review TapeOp #59 (Download)

"There is no going back when using VOVOX conductors. With an open program image that sits much closer in the listening field and a defined bass response, simply unattainable from conventional cables, this technology marks the standard in high definition recording."
Kieran Lynch
BE, M.Eng.Sc. Recording Engineer

"We tested the cable and we found it totally convincing. The result is really impressive. The increase in resolution, detail and authenticity in comparison to a regular cable is almost a shame. It is not about esoterism. It is just about consequent use of clear principals in natural science. The only disadvantage: You won’t want to work with a ”common" cable any more."
Dirk Brauner Röhrengerätemanufaktur

" It was clear from the start that we'd only settle for the best ingredients for our new mastering studio. Despite, or actually because of the fact that cables and other 'details' like power supply are often either treated as HiFi-madness or completely neglected, we decided to make a blind-fold test to get to the bottom of the matter. We tested 5 different cables of as little as one meter lengths. That's not much, but enough to get significant results. We played 3 different songs from our ½" tape recorder through the respective cable to the cutting system. Of course we always used the same converters, levels and signal paths for the listening session. The result was astonishing. The blind-fold test was done by 5 different sound engineers and musicians. Although the differences were small and psychoacoustic effects can not be excluded, they were significant. And this with only a one meter cable-length on line level - imagine the difference a 30 m microphone cable would enable! There was no winner eclipsing the others in all disciplines (stereo image, bass definition, presence, sound intensity) with all pieces of music, but clear tendencies were detected. Keep in mind the 1 meter line level!
For us VOVOX emerged to be the over-all winner. It offered an open yet not sharp sound, and a warm, but not dim, low end. And in addition, the stereo image was more 3-dimensional when compared to other cables' image. We are very satisfied with the result and don't regret the investment, since our 'darling' is wired only once and we don't like to settle for second-best."
Kai Blankenberg

"Given the unique opportunity to build a compromise-free high end studio from scratch, we evaluated all equipment components during numerous listening sessions. All well-established cables available on the market were included. We were extremely amazed that for the first time, all those involved unanimously agreed. It is surely not a matter of taste: There are several good cables available, but only one sound conductor. The consequence of using VOVOX was an obvious improvement of sound quality: The richness in detail, directness of sound and mainly the natural character of the stereo-image were unequaled. Using VOVOX, it seemed as though the music was not coming out of the loud speakers any more: It simply was in the room. Incredible! "
Kai Mäder

"VOXLINK protect S cables bring very clear improvement in sound quality and definition. The LF is extremely defined with better articulation and sustain of the very low-end and increased clarity of each note. Midrange sounds appear closer and more defined, which gives the entire mix a new perspective of depth and instrument placement. The HF is just more natural and closer to the truth harmonic content of the original instrument without any harshness. The VOVOX cables provide better reproduction of dynamics, especially in the low-end, with incredible instrument separation in the sound stage. The imaging is very detailed and low level sounds are not blurred anymore. The improved tonal clarity provides a sense of proximity to the reproduced sounds and an incredible realism. A major improvement in the audio chain!"
Christophe Anet B.Eng. in Electroacoustics
Technical Editor / Customer Support Acoustic Engineer

"Why should we settle for less than VOVOX in future in our studio? […] The difference is simply too serious to go back to normal with standard cables."
Fritz Fey
Studio Magazin, test report 11/05

"The difference between conventional Pro-Audio cables and VOVOX sound conductors isn't just "splitting hairs" or subtle audio esoterics, in my opinion. It's my experience that with VOVOX, the transients and sound textures become crystal- clear and highly musical. Incredible density, openness and richness of detail allow the sound to become a stunning experience. I'd say it's almost rude to have waited with unveiling this great sounding cable till now… "
Patrik Schwitter Recording, mix & mastering

"As big as my initial scepticism was the surprise from the test: clear, pure voices, an altogether airier sound. I do not know how any other measure could provide similar sound improvements at a comparable price."
Andy Mejuto Station Design ENERGY Zürich/Stuttgart/Berlin, RADIO BASEL 1, SwitzerlandER FERNSEHEN

"I received the cables a few days ago and all I can say is AMAZING! I was already using a "high end" cable from another manufacturer and I can't believe what a difference the VOVOX cables are making. My old cables sound veiled and somewhat cloudy in comparison. I'm using the pair of VOXLINK direct S cables between my D/A and powered monitors (a pair of ADAM S3A) along with the POWERVOX AC cable. The difference is astounding! High frequency quality has improved in a big way; the top end is way more open sounding and the distinguishability of notes in the high register is increased in an obvious way, cymbals sound way more natural. Switching out the power cables to the POWERVOX AC cables increased the tightness and definition of the low end, also improved was depth of field and imaging....just wonderful! Overall the cables impart a more natural, lifelike vibe to everything I've tested it on, by comparison other cabling I have seems to be more hyped and colored sound. I've tried other cabling and overall I find VOVOX to be more musical than other things I've used. Thank you for a wonderful product!"
Michael Perez-Cisneros

Stockfisch Records

Swiss National Radio DRS

Skyline Tonfabrik

Swiss National Radio DRS

Patrik Schwitter

Stockfisch Records

Brauner Microphones / Gamma Recording

FWL Studios, Leipzig

FWL Studios, Leipzig

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