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VOVOX® textura multiple socket outlet
220 V power distribution.

VOVOX® sonorus protect A
The well known VOVOX® link protect A is the instrument cable reference for countless professional musicians. But the cable is now facing some tough home-grown competition: VOVOX® sonorus


The VOVOX Listening Experience 2009
VOVOX demonstrates differencies of cabling with a new switch.

VOVOX® textura power
The VOVOX® textura product range has a huge number of ardent worshippers. The richness of details, the plasticity of the spacious illustration or simply the beauty of sound these sound conductors enable will nobody leave cold. Now VOVOX offers a power cord based on the same technology.
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Stockfisch Records becomes VOVOX®purum Studio
Günter Pauler from Stockfisch Records, famous for his award-winning records and DMM-productions (Direct Metal Mastering), has completely rewired his studios with VOVOX
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VOVOX® textura: An unmatched generation of HiFi-sound conductors
VOVOX presents VOVOX® textura: A complete range of hifi sound conductors fulfilling the highest possible standards. Pushing ourselves right to the limit of what is technically feasible, these cables represent the bottom line of our know-how.
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Instrument cables with angled Silent Plug
VOVOX offers the VOVOX®link protect A instrument cable in a new, optimized configuration with a right angle ¼” Neutrik Silent Plug which is especially suited for acoustic guitars.
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VOVOX Listening Experience
VOVOX offers the opportunity to conduct A/B-tests in a studio-like environment at the upcoming Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt.
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Digital Cables from VOVOX
During the 123rd AES Convention in New York, VOVOX presents its new range of digital cables for the first time.
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VOVOX®purum Custom Tailor
Our experts in the application and assembly of VOVOX® sound conductors offer tailor-made solutions for nearly any audio application.
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VOVOX®power low voltage
DC cables for effect pedals. Hard to believe, but also these cables improve sound quality.
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VOVOX instrument cables now available with Neutrik Silent Plugs
For more and more musicians, the instrument cable VOVOX®link protect A represents a sound quality reference. We now offer this cable with Neutrik Silent Plugs.

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Review on The BRAUNER & VOVOX Live Experience 2006
Our workshop during the Tonmeistertagung in Leipzig, the BRAUNER & VOVOX Live Experience 2006, was a big succes as well as a great pleasure for us all.
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The BRAUNER & VOVOX Live Experience
After the big success of The BRAUNER & VOVOX Live Experience in 2004, we decided together with Brauner Microphones to offer a reissue of this live demo during the Tonmeistertagung 2006 in Leipzig.
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VOVOX®purum, the New VOVOX Quality Label
VOVOX is launching a new label: VOVOX®purum. This quality label is awarded to recording studios extensively equiped with VOVOX sound conductors, therefore attaining the highest standards of analog sound signal transmission.
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VOVOX is briding a gap in its product range: We are proud to present VOVOX®mucolink, a multicore sound conductor for recording studios which offers highest fidelity in transmitting analog audio signals.
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SEA becomes world wide VOVOX distributor
Starting with January 1st 2006 the team of S.E.A. Vertrieb & Consulting GmbH ( Emsbüren / Germany) is becoming our worldwide distribution partner for our ProAudio and MI range.
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