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VOVOX®purum is a quality label signifying that highest standards of analog sound signal transmission are attained..


VOVOX®purum Recording Studios
This label is awarded to recording studios extensively equipped with VOVOX® sound conductors, thereby attaining the highest standards of analog sound signal transmission. Furthermore, it signifies the exceptional passion, diligence and determination characterizing the work done in these studios.

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VOVOX®purum Equipment
Audio components and musical instruments internally wired with VOVOX® sound conductors

The quality label for OEM's who know that it's the detail that makes the difference.

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VOVOX®purum Custom Tailors
Our, experts in the application and assembly of VOVOX® sound conductors.

They are able to offer tailor-made solutions for nearly any audio application: on request, 'ordinary' guitars can become VOVOX®purum instruments and conventional recording studios can be converted into VOVOX®purum studios.

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